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At Preferred IT, our consultants are qualified in various sectors within the field of IT infastructure. Our vision is to utiliza a combination of Technical Consultancy & Client Care in order to provide an all encompassing service including:
Configuration, Support, Implementation & Troubleshooting.


At Preferred IT - we strive to deliver quality  configurations for our clients. 


At Preferred IT -  we aim to support our client's with their infastructure.


At Preferred IT - we are experts, skilled in implementation projects.


At Preferred IT - we provide troubleshooting support for our clients.


Our consultants have a wide variety of skills that can be used to service your needs. The following is a brief overview of what we are proud to be able to offer in the form of Configuration, Support, Implementation & Troubleshooting...

Active Directory Services


Exchange & Online Exchange


Office 365 & Azure Services


Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop


"That's been one of my mantras - focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex: you have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it's worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains."

-Steve Jobs

Preferred IT Competencies

We have a diverse skillset that we offer our clients.

Active Directory Services

We are experienced with setup, configuration, design and management of Active Directory Services.

Preferred IT is able to help with advanced AD Services this includes things such as: troubleshooting, FSMO Roles, DNS Sites & Services, and replication errors.

Our consultants can also manage tasks built around migration, upgrade, and update Active Directory and Domain Services.

Exchange & Exchange Online

Our consultants are rehearsed with various Exchange Server versions for all types of On-Prem solutions.

We are adept with Exchange Hybrid configurations for migrations and on going Hybrid Configurations.

Preferred IT can migrate your On-Prem solution to Exchange Online. We are knowledgable in the methods used to properly administer your mail solution with knowledge over leading best practice, as well as basic understanding of licensing. 

Office365 & Azure Services

Preferred IT can configure a tenant from bottom up. We are skilled in implimenting, troubleshooting, and designing Azure Information Protection, Intune, Office365, and various other Azure services.

We have implimented many AD Connect solutions linking Active Directory to Azure Services, and can also be used for your Exchange Online solution.

Our consultants have configured AD Connect with ADFS. We can also configure Pass Through Authentication (PTA) and Password Synchronization

Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop

Citrix 7.x - We are experienced in various Setup & Configurations with Delivery Controllers, StoreFront Servers, Citrix Director, Citrix Studio, & Citrix Scout

Citrix Policies - We have a series of Citrix Policies preconfigured to give Security & Optimization for managing the Citrix Environment.

Citrix SSON - We can setup and configure Single-Sign On, or troubleshoot problems with an existing configuration.

Skype for Business

Preffered IT is compitent in Setup & Configuration of a local Skype For Business - On Premise configurations. 

We cover implimentation & troubleshooting of Front End Edge Server, Mediation roles, and Reverse Proxy. 

We strive to delivery up-to-date communication solutions, that integrates into your existing infrastructure which gives a dynamic work environment for our clients.

Hypervisor Virtualization

Preferred IT has a wealth of knowledge based around the industries leading Hypervisor Solutions. This includes core setup and functionality of XenServer, Hyper-V and VMware ESXi.

Additionaly our consultants are able to impliment various Hypervisor Management Solutions such as VMM, XenCenter, and vCenter.

Remote Desktop Services

We are skilled in RDS Configurations & Troubleshooting areas such as: Connection Broker, Licensing, and Gateway Services
We have a series of Group Policies preconfigured to give Security & Otimization to our clients RDS solutions.

We help our clients decide if Full Desktop or Published Applications are the best solution to suit their needs.

Citrix Provisioning Services

Citrix 7.x - We are experienced in various Setup & Configurations with Citrix Provisioning Services including: Site Configuration, Device Collections, vDisk management, Golden Capture, Load Balancing.

We strive to  deliver the best possible configuration to our clients by choosing the correct overflow technologies to create optimal performance environments.


Our Consultants have knowledge and skills when dealing with various Distros including; CentOS, Unbuntu, Debian, OpenSuse & Fedora Server.

We can Setup & Configure various aspects of a server environment, including DHCP, DNS, Domain Services. Additionally we can assist with more complex setups such as HA Proxy configurations.

Federation Services AD FS

Preferred IT Consultants follow Microsoft Best Practices when configuring AD FS for our clients.

Our experts can provide configuration of Federated Single SignOn for Office 365, Sharepoint & Exchange. Additionally, we will assist with the Setup & Configuration of  AD FS with MultiFactor Authentication using Azure MFA. 

Certificate Services AD CS

Our consultants are adept in PKI infastructure environments. We provide Planning, Design, and Implimentation. Preferred IT follows best practices for implimenting these solutions. 

We integrate PKI infastructure with Microsoft Azure using PFX connector which gives our clients the ability to enroll certificates to mobile devices.

Citrix WEM

Preferred IT has Knowledge & Mastery over Citrix Workspace Environment Management. We are able to assist with Setup & Configuration as well as offer Best Practices.

We are able to tackle various obstacles including Resource Management, Actions, Assignments, StartMenu, Citrix User Profile Management & Deployment.

Preferred IT